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Inclusion for All Learners

Guideline to Preparing Course Materials

Educators know that students, especially in a college with a diverse student body like ours, learn in different ways, which is one of the most fascinating yet challenging aspects of teaching. Those differences in learning may be attributed not just to a variety of disabilities and impairments, but also language barriers, socio-cultural differences, or simply individual preferences. As you prepare your course materials, there are minimum standards and practices that you can adopt to better accommodate individual learners.

The key to making your course materials accessible to different types of learners is to present them in a variety of ways, instead of retroactively modifying course materials once the need is known. By providing course materials in a variety of formats, we can demonstrate that there are multiple paths for learning and achievement within the course. Make sure your course materials meet the minimum requirements anytime they are prepared in one of the following applications/formats:

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