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Blackboard is an online course management system available on www.cuny.edu. Nearly all of online and hybrid courses, as well as many face-to-face courses, offered at Kingsborough use Blackboard as the main teaching/learning delivery tool. If you are new to Blackboard, view the following materials to get started:


To login to your Blackboard account, go to Blackboard portal page, and type in your username (your CUNYfirst username followed by “@login.cuny.edu”) and password (the same as your CUNYfirst password). If you do not remember your CUNYfirst login, click on New User, to reclaim your username and reset your password. Once you are logged in, the courses you are enrolled in on CUNYfirst system will appear under My Courses.


Once your account is established, it is highly recommended for you to upload an avatar to your account. An avatar is an image that represents you throughout the Blackboard system (i.e. Discussion Board, Blog, Journals, etc.). It is a great way to personalize your engagement with others on Blackboard, and if you are taking online courses at Kingsborough, you will likely be asked to upload an avatar.

You can also setup your email notifications and your profile information under Settings if you wish to change them.


Every course on Blackboard is different. There are many tools on Blackboard that your instructor may or may not use in the course. If you are not sure to what extent your course is on Blackboard, it’s usually explain on your course syllabus. If not, make sure to ask your instructor. Following short videos will introduce to the most common tools on Blackboard:

Basic Navigation


The Announcement feature is most often used to post timely information critical to course success such as assignment due dates, exam schedules, changes to the syllabus or other corrections or clarifications of materials. If your instructor uses this feature, be sure to check back on Blackboard frequently to check the announcement posts.

Discussion Board

The discussion board feature allows participants to carry on discussions online, at any time of the day or night, with no need for the participants to be logged into the site at the same time. Depending on your instructor, it is used for assignments (graded), as an online bulletin board (not graded) or not used at all.



There are different ways that your instructor may deploy assignments on Blackboard. Sometimes, it’s on a discussion board forum, a blog topic, or a journal entry. The two most common ways (via “Assignments” and “Turnitin”) your assignments will appear on Blackboard are explained in the video below:

See My Grades

If your instructor has decided to use Blackboard to share your grades and assignment feedback with you, they are available to you under “See My Grades” link in the menu. Please see the video below for further details:


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