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Pearson’s quest to cover the planet in company-run schools

image of school in phillipine run by Pearson
Pearson would like to become education’s first major conglomerate, serving as the largest private provider of standardized tests, software, materials, and now the schools themselves. Some fear that Pearson’s privatized school chains, like APEC in the Philippines (above), abandon the world’s poorest and most vulnerable students. Photo credit: Pearson

Apple releases Classroom App

Apple Classroom app
Following the release of iOS 9.3 on Monday, Apple pushed out its new Classroom app for teachers that promises to deliver a comprehensive toolset for deploying, managing and monitoring iPads in the classroom.

A College Degree for $1,000?

"Education is difficult enough," an ad for
Last week, a Kickstarter video for a thing called Teachur floated across my Facebook feed, featuring Josh Stanley and Ben Blair, two former adjunct professors and veterans in educational design and and ed-tech. These fellows seemed really aware of both the sources of tuition bloat and the shortcomings of the current academic status quo. And, they claimed, if given the resources (and the accreditation), they could offer a B.A. for $1,000. For the whole thing.

Google’s AI Takes Down the Last Game

Image of "G" standing for "google"
Researchers once thought AI would struggle to crack Go for at least another decade. Now, it’s headed to places that once seemed unreachable. Or, at least, there are many people—with much power and money at their disposal—who are intent on reaching those places. (Credit: WIRED)