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What is e-Portfolio?

The electronic portfolio (aka e-portfolio) is a collection of a students’ work that can advance learning by providing a way for them to organize, archive, and display work. The uses of e-portfolios are most common in the courses with departments of education. Most pre-service teachers are asked to compile an e-portfolio to demonstrate competencies needed to gain teaching certification or license. In education e-portfolios have a few major functions:

  • Document skills and learning;
  • Record and track development within a program;
  • Develop technology literacy skills;
  • Evaluate and monitor performance;
  • Learn to present yourself in a professional manner;
  • Use it as a supporting materials when applying for jobs


Digication is an e-portfolio platform available to all Kingsborough students and faculty. If you are an Education major, you are expected to have a complete e-portfolio on Digication by the end of your study in the program. Some English and Journalism classes also use Digicaiton platform for the students to develop e-portfolios. Click here to get to the login page.

How to Login

Digication tutorials for Education Program Majors

All Education major students are required to create an e-Portfolio in EDC200 class, and continue to develop it through their studies at Kingsborough. The following tutorial videos are specifically for those who are  creating/developing portfolios for Education courses.

Creating a Portfolio

Once you login, you can create as many portfolios as you want. However, DO NOT create multiple portfolios for your Education classes. You are creating  JUST ONE portfolio on Digicaiton, and continue to upload work into this one portfolio throughout your time at Kingsborough.



Enrolling & Permissions

At the beginning of every semester, you are required to share your portfolio with all Education program instructors who you are taking classes. Unless you do this properly, they will not be able to see your portfolio and check your assignments. Follow the steps in the video below for every Education class you are taking (i.e. any of the “EDC” courses, “PSY2400,” “HUM8181,” and “HUM200”) . No need to do this for non-Education class (e.g. English, Math, Biology, etc.) or Education classes that you have taken in the past.


Uploading TEXT Assignments

Most of your assignments are going to be in the form of text. See the tutorial video below to learn how to upload text assignments to your e-portfolio.


Uploading AUDIO Assignments

In order to upload audio recordings to your eportfolio, you will need to get the file on a desktop computer and make sure that the file is formatted correctly. See the three tutorials below to learn all of the steps required for audio upload.

1. Preparing Audio Files for Digication

2. Converting/Formatting Audio Files for Digication

3. Uploading Audio Assignments




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