What is faculty scholarship & creative activity report?

In recent years, CUNY has required that all faculty teaching within the university provide details about their scholarship and/or creative work for the previous calendar year. These scholarship reports are used as measures of the scholarly productivity and research/creative capacity of a college, and they affect how we are assessed and supported by CUNY.  To get the support and recognition for your work that you need and deserve, we ask that you respond to these annual requests as promptly, accurately and fully as possible. The deadline for entering the report will be emailed to you by the Associate Provost/Provost office every year.

2015 Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Report (Click to Download)

Who files a report?

All faculty are welcome to report scholarship/creative activity, but CUNY requires that full-time professorial faculty (including Distinguished Lecturers, librarians, counselors, and administrators on leave from full-time faculty positions) who were active in the past year file a report.

How to file a report:

1. Go to CUNY Portal Login page (not CUNYfirst).

2. Login by entering your username & password, and click on “Log-in” button (please note that this is different from your CUNYfirst username and password). If you have never registered for a CUNY Portal account or don’t remember your username/password, click on “Register for a New Account” (or click on this link and follow the instruction to get an username and set a new password).

3. Once you log into the CUNY Portal and are inside of it, you will see the tab for Full time Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Collection in the first box on the left side headed Applications/Resources.  Click on the tab and you’ll see detailed instructions and the application to input your entries.


4. Fill out the information and when you are done, click on Submit and Go to Reports page button to complete the entry. *If you don’t have scholarships and creative activities to report, select No Work to Report under 5. Type of Work, and click on the box next to  7. Check this box if NO work was first published or performed during this period.


5. To view/confirm your entry, select View Entries Report tab, and search for your college/department/name in the dropdown menus, and then click on Run Report.


6. If you see your entry listed on the report page, your entry has been submitted. Repeat the process for any other scholarly/creative activity you may have to report.