Grade Roster

Final grades must be submitted on CUNYfirst at the end of each semester. You will receive an email notification in your KBCC email account informing you of the availability of the Grade Rosters and the deadline dates.  Please note that the grade rosters may contain some grades already assigned by the Registrar, such as official withdrawal (W).  Please make sure to follow the steps below to submit your students’ grades as there are a few steps that are very specific.


   How to submit Grade roster on CUNYfirst 
  1. Login to your CUNYfirst account, and Click on Faculty Center in the CUNYfirst MENU, and then My Schedule. (If you do not see Faculty Center on your account, contact the IT Helpdesk @ 718.368.4840.)
  2. Make sure that the term displayed is correct. If not click on change term button to switch the term/school.
    Grade Roster Instruction step two and three
  3. Your My Schedule page should list all of your current classes. Click on the Grade Roster icon next to the class for which you are entering grades.
  4. In order to start entering the grades, Grade Roster Type should be set to Final Grade and Roster Action *Approval Status needs to be set to Save but Not Submit.
    Grade Roster Instruction step four
  5. The default display shows the first twenty students. To see every student on the grade roster, click the View All link below the last row.

    Grade Roster Instruction step five and six

  6. Select the grade from the dropdown box to the right of each student’s name in the column labeled Roster Grade.

  7.  Once you’re done entering grades, click on the Save button at the end of the page. You may save a roster as many times as you wish. It is recommended that you save early and save often.

    Grade Roster Instruction step seven

  8. Once you save the grades entered, scroll up to the top of the page, and change the *Approval Status from Save but Not Submit to Submit Grades to Registrar, and click on the Save button next to it. This will only work, if grades for ALL students have been entered.
    Grade Roster Instruction step eight
  9. After you have saved the status of the grade roster as Submit Grades to Registrar, a Post button will appear at the bottom right hand side of the page. Clicking the Post button will submit the grades to the registrar and also make the grades immediately available to the students in the class.
    Grade Roster Instruction step nine
  10. Click on Return button, and repeat the same process for the rest of your classes.