Online/Hybrid Teaching Certification Process

1. Demonstrate Proficiency in Blackboard Skills

Consult with the Director of Kingsborough Center for e-Learning to learn about distance learning at Kingsoborough. You may be asked to demonstrate proficiency in the Blackboard skills you will need for teaching online/hybrid courses. These include some or all of the following: uploading an avatar, posting announcements, using e-mail/messaging features, structuring discussion board, posting assignments, accessing and grading student assignments, implementing a chat room, creating groups, and organizing the grade center.

Dr. Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, Director of KCeL


2. Get Assigned a Hybrid/Online Course to Teach

Consult with your department chairperson about your interest in teaching a hybrid/online course and inform him/her that you have satisfied the Blackboard proficiency requirement. The course you get assigned to should be one that you have previously taught face-to-face. Once you have been assigned a hybrid or online course, you will be able to register for the CUNY SPS Online Teaching Workshop.

3. Participate in the CUNY School of Professional Studies (SPS) Online Workshop

The two-week workshop conducted by CUNY SPS addresses online course design issues on Blackboard and pedagogical approaches to teaching online and hybrid courses. No face-to-face meetings are required. CUNY SPS estimates the total time to conduct their workshop assignments is 10 hours. Check the website below for the workshop dates. Check the website below for the workshop dates. Upon successful completion of the workshop, you will receive a payment based on 10 hours at your NTA rate (up to $550 total). *Please fill out time-sheets at KCeL to process your payment as soon as you have successfully completed the workshop.

SPS Workshop Registration

4. Teach your Hybrid/Online Course

While you teach your hybrid/online course, support will be provided through KCeL and faculty mentors who have completed the certification process. Over the course of the semester, you can begin to think about the materials you will submit for your course portfolio; you will have the option of submitting a provisional course portfolio. The benefit of submitting a provisional portfolio is that you will be provided with feedback on your portfolio prior to the submission of your final course portfolio.

5. Submit a Course Portfolio

You will be asked to submit a course portfolio to KCeL 6-8 weeks after you complete of your piloted course. Starting January 2017, course portfolios are to be submitted via the Portfolio feature on Blackobard. Please visit “KCC Online Teaching Portfolio” under “My Organizations” on your Blackboard account for further instruction. If the organization does not appear on your Blackboard account, please contact KCeL. The following materials are to be included in your portfolio:

  • Syllabus
  • Sample Online Assignments
  • Reflective Statement
  • Samples of Student Work (various levels of success)
  • Sample Instructor’s responses *Successfully completed course portfolios are available for you to view at KCeL.

Please see the following videos to learn about the portfolio tool on Bb, and how to submit your portfolio:

Teach a Revised Version of your Hybrid/Online Course

Based on the feedback you receive on your course portfolio, course improvements are to be implemented so that you teach a revised version of your hybrid/online course the following semester.

Your Certification is Complete!

Join the Kingsborough Center for Teaching and Learning’s “Teaching with Technology” and “Inclusion by Design” faculty interest groups and share your hybrid/online teaching experience with your peers. Continue to visit KCeL to learn about new instructional technologies, software, and the ways KCTL and KCeL can support the use of technology in your teaching.