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Setting up your KBCC Outlook email account on mobile devices


iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

*For the initial setup, we strongly suggest that you are connected to a wireless network not to a cellular network.
*If you need to delete your Lotus account, go to Settings –> General –> Profiles, then select your Lotus account to Delete Profile.

  1. On your Apple device click on Settings icon.
    iphone setting icon
  2. Once in Setting swipe down and tap on – Mail, Contacts, Calendars then tap Add Account.iphone setting step 1 screenshot
  3. In the Add Account, tap on Exchange (not Outlook).
    iphone setting step 3 screenshot
  4. On window that pops up, type in your Kingsborough email address (Firstname.Lastname@kbcc.cuny.edu) and your KB Computer login password. If you do not remember or know what it is please contact the Faculty Staff Help Desk. Description is how you’d like the account to be named in your mailbox (type in something that identify it as your KBCC email).
    iphone setting step 4 screenshot
  5. For Server, type: Outlook.kbcc.cuny.edu  For Domain, type: KB.ADS For Username, type in your KB Computer account (and now email) username. For Password, type in your new Outlook email login password (If you haven’t changed it from the default password, it should be the same as your KB Comoputer login passowrd). Then click on Next.
    iphone setting step 5 screenshot
  6. Once you have filled out the Server, Domain, Username/Passowrd, and hit Next, choose which features on Outlook to transfer to your device. At minimum you should have Mail and Calendars selected. You can turn off the others if you like. Once you have made your selections tap Save.
    iphone setting step 6 screenshot
  7. Once you open your Mail app, your emails will start transferring to your device.
    iphone mail icon


*If you need to delete your Lotus account, you will need to Disable the device administrator by selecting MENU, SETTINGS, LOCATION & SECURITY, and SELECT DEVICE ADMINISTRATORS. Disable the Lotus Notes Traveler device administrator. To uninstall Lotus Notes Traveler, select MENU, SETTINGS, APPLICATIONS, and MANAGE APPLICATIONS and uninstall the application from there.