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Turnitin is an online plagiarism-prevention software that is available for all KBCC instructors. It is an alternative to SafeAssign, a built-in plagiarism-checking tool on Blackboard platform. Here is a comprehensive overview that compares the pros and cons of each software (provided by Hunter College).

For you to establish an account, you’ll need our school account ID and Join password. Please contact KCC Blackboard Administrator or Bb Support Desk to obtain the information. Since Fall 2016, Turnitin is integrated in CUNY Blackboard system. You will be able to create Turnitin assignment directly from your Blackboard courseshell in any content area. Find Turnitin Assignment option under “Assessment Tools.” How you create a Turnitin Assignment on Blackboard is the same as on the Turnitin website.

Short tutorial videos are available to get you (instructor) and students get started on Turnitin:

How to use Turnitin for instructors
How to use Turnitin for students*

*If you have decided to use Turnitin for your class, share the tutorial page for students with your class in the beginning of the semester.

A great extent of the features available on Turnitin is now integrated on Blackboard. This allows access to nearly all Turnitin services (OriginalityCheck, GradeMark and PeerMark) without having to leave the Blackboard environment or log into Turnitin directly. You can find both instructor user manual and student user manual on this page.