Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Roster

The VOE roster insures that students are actually attending your class before their financial aid is disbursed. If a student is awarded financial aid funds but is found to be ineligible because s/he has not attended class, s/he will be required to pay the monies back. Often, a student is unable to return the funds and therefore suffers the consequences of a bad debt history which can impact their future eligibility for financial aid. The College may also face significant fines. This certification must occur prior to completion of 20% of the session; the timeline for reporting is very tight and mandated by CUNY. Faculty are asked to report only those students who never attended class at the time the VOE Rosters are submitted. These students are assigned a non-punitive WN grade.


   How to submit VOE roster on CUNYfirst 
  1. Login to your CUNYfirst account, and Click on Faculty Center in the CUNYfirst MENU, and then Verification of Enrollment. (If you do not see Faculty Center on your account, contact the IT Helpdesk @ 718.368.4840.)
  1. Make sure that the current term is displayed correctly. If not click on change term button to switch the term/school. *If the roster availability has either passed or are in the future, then this message displays: “Verification rosters are not available.”
    Screenshot showing a list of VOE rosters
  1. Click on the VOE roster icons to the left of each course listed to start verifying students *The roster contains only the students who are enrolled for the class. No dropped/Withdrawn students or freshly added students will be listed on the roster.
  1. Select the No radio button for students who have never attended an academically-related activity in your class.
    A screenshot indicating where the question is located next to each student's name.
  1. When you are done verifying the enrollment of students on the roster, click on save button to save the changes you’ve made.
    COA step five and six
  1. Lastly, click on submit button when you are ready to submit the roster to registrar’s office. You will not be able to make changes to your roster after the submission. Please report to the registrar’s office if you have made mistake on your VOE roster submission.